Court upholds suspension of anti-gay judge who abused power refusing to marry gays


Alabama’s disgraced Chief Justice Roy Moore has lost his appeal and there is a big chance that he will lose his job because of his homophobia. As we reported, Moore was unsatisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriages on the federal level and he continued blocking them in his state. The Judicial Inquiry Commission launched action against him for his string of illegal orders, alleging that he “flagrantly disregarding and abusing his authority” in his illegal crusade against gay weddings. Moore was suspended by the Court of the Judiciary until the end of his term, and today lost his Alabama Supreme Court appeal against the decision. Fighting his suspension, Moore’s lawyers had incredibly tried to claim that he did not act to try and halt gay weddings, despite extensive public records and court documents on the matter, but they could not prove it because the publicly available documents state literally that judge Moore opposed the SC decision.


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