Families in the Indian state of Gujarat are the most LGBT-accepting in the country


Gujarat is officially the most LGBT-accepting state – coming out to their families, the LGBT citizens mostly face love and acceptance. A study by India’s Gay Arranged Marriage Bureau revealed about 753 of 769 Indian families reject their kids as they come out to them as LGBT. It means that only 2% of families will accept LGBT children. ‘A lot of Gujaratis accept their kids because they are too attached to let them go,’ Urvi Shah, CEO of Gay Marriage Bureau told the Ahmedabad Mirror. ‘These ties of love are the only thing keeping families from breaking apart.’ Since 2015, the Gay Arranged Marriage Bureau has been operating in Gujarat to find partners for their clients. It has a total of 1,298 clients of which 24 couples are living together, four are married and nine are engaged.

When 34-year-old man named Vododara came out to his family they tried to organize him a marriage with a woman to make him straight, but now he says they are accepting and he plans a wedding with his boyfriend for the upcoming winter. ‘I was taken to tantriks and psychologists, but nothing worked. It took Urvi 14 hours to explain to my parents about my homosexuality.’Vadodara’s father said he did not understand homosexuality until he did some readings and met with LGBTI allied. But with time both he and his wife came to accept their son’s sexuality. ‘When he said he had found someone, I asked him which caste she was from,’ Vadodara’s mother said, ‘It came as a shock to me when he told me about his partner. It took me a long time to accept the fact. But now I am looking forward to my son’s marriage.’


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