Nigerian gay couple hides from police because of mass raids


53 Nigerians are already arrested, and same-sex couple is now escaping not to be held captive.
Authorities in Zaria raided a motel where a group of mostly male students were holding a party yesterday evening at the Zaria Motel (19 April). House parties are the only places for LGBT people to get together and to be free expressing their sexuality and gender identity, because in Nigeria homosexuality is a crime. Police raided the party, accusing them of throwing a ‘gay marriage’, and then charged the men with ‘conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and belonging to a gang of an unlawful society’. Two men escaped the motel to save their lives. They keep connection with local LGBT activists who say that the two are now alright. Prosecutor Sergeant Mannir Nasir confirmed the arrest. ‘On 15 April at about 2100 hours a team of policemen led by DSP Muhammad Lawal-Mashi arrested and brought to police station 53 persons,’ he said, ‘Information reached the police that these group of persons conspired to celebrate a gay marriage at Zaria Motel between one [name redacted] and [name redacted] both at large.’ Nasir said the accused denied guilt. Their lawyers are now demanding to set them fee on bail.


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