The UK government describes the situation in Chechnya as barbaric


Britain’s deputy Foreign Secretary has condemned anti-gay purge in the autonom region of Russia. Sir Alan Duncan, the gay deputy to Boris Johnson, labelled the reported abuses as “utterly barbaric” and “dispicable” in his powerful statement to the House of Commons. Mr Duncan revealed that he spoke directly to the his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Titov, this month, challenging Russians for disrespecting the basic human rights of LGBT community. Mr Duncan told the Commons: “The arbitary detention and ill treatment of over 100 men in Chechnya because of their sexual orientation is of the utmost concern to the UK.” He added: “Statements by the regional government in Chechnya that appear to condone and incite violence against LGBT people are utterly despicable. We condemn any and all persecution and call on the authorities to promptly investigate and ensure that the perpetrators of human rights abuses are brought to justice. This would be in accordance with international human rights commitments adopted by the Russian government to respect the human rights of all individuals.” Challenging the government, Mr Doughty said: “Why has it taken so long for the Foreign Secretary – a Tweet simply isn’t enough – to speak out on this issue? We haven’t had clear condemnation from the Prime Minister.”


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