Film 3 Generations was not allowed for the audience under 16


The leading actress Susan Sarandon says that the movie is better to be watched by young people,
especially trans ones, because they often feel alone and isolated. 3 Generations, starring Susan Sarandon, shows the journey of trans teen Ray and his mother and grandmother. Elle Fanning stars as the trans male character and Naomi Watts as his mother. The film was previously criticized for a role of trans man played by a female actress.
Blair Durkee, a trans woman in South Carolina, launched a petition urging the MPAA to reconsider the rating. ‘I saw characters that I could look at and see myself reflected in—and that made a huge difference in my life. It breaks my heart when I think about those kids who won’t be able to see this movie because of its “R” rating,’ writes Durkee, ‘This is a story about them, being denied to them, simply because the MPAA doesn’t know what to do with the subject matter.’


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