Non-binary food blogger runs for Parliament


Jack Monroe who made headlines as they won a legal case against Katy Hopkins wants to make the British Parliament more diversive. To the claims that they have no experience in politics, Monroe replied that they are a journalist, writing political articles much longer than cooking. “I know having a working class tattooed sweary prick with 4 1/2 GCSEs talking about the economy unsettles some of you. So I’m gonna carry on. And what do I know about politics? I know what it’s like to be evicted when your housing benefit is late. I know what it’s like to starve,” the MP hopeful tweets. “I know what it is to sit through every local council meeting, desperately trying to understand how people could casually decimate lives,” they added, saying that they are politically identifying as a Labour. But the question whether Jack is to run for a Labour party is open. They have readily admitted they have “misgivings” about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, which are clear to anyone who reads their Twitter feed.


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