Songwriter from LA wants to show that sexuality does not depend on body shape


Singer and songwriter Dorian Wood has introduced his new music video, which is quite challenging. The plus-sized man is dancing naked covering the intim parts of his body with pieces of plastic. Some sort of substance seems to drool from his mouth and it is clear that he is hurt and confused. Another man, in chunky high heels, paces towards him for an embrace. Some sort of wording appears smudged on the walls, possibly smeared in bodily waste. Of course, it is not for people under 18. But Wood’s fans are not surprised – it is not the first time he exposes his naked body. His new track is called Corpulenxia. It’s a play on the word corpulent. Wood likes to challenge attitudes to body shape. I went on a hike once with a dear friend of mine and there was an instance when he was attempting to pay a compliment,’ he tells me down the phone when I ask him about the title. You bring up the fact that you are fat and he said, “Well, you’re not really fat, you’re more corpulent.” It was a sweet gesture but I was more fascinated by the word itself. I’ve always identified as fat. That’s just what it is, and I’m totally fine with that. I’m consistently looking to defy the stigma of what corpulent bodies are capable of in the public eye, whether as a vessel for expression or sexuality”. There is no good or bad body shape and the video is not promoting big people, it is a promotion of sexuality regardless of weight. Wood’s also not one to shy away from exploring sexuality in his work. Check out 2013’s Americana, where he croons lovingly about ‘the smell of men.’ He lives in LA with his soon-to-be-husband, Joe, and is busy preparing to tour later in the year and making plans for their June wedding. With its bear communities, does he think it’s easier to be a big, gay man than a big, heterosexual man? He’s wary of saying so.


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