Uber gay twist in new advert


A new advert for Uber in the Philippines becomes surprisingly LGBT-inclusive. The ad for UberPOOL, using which people share private hire vehicles, was unveiled this week by Uber. It features real-life tweets from a passenger who found himself in a ride-share with the one he has been loving for years. But in a cute twist, the fellow passenger he has a crush on is actually a man. Throughout, the face of the other passenger is obscured making it seem like it might be a woman. And although he tweets out messages asking why there is no traffic and what he should say to his beloved, and the fellow passengers go different ways. On Facebook, Uber wrote: “Based on a real series of tweets by Uber rider AJ Tabangay, watch how he reacted when he ended up in an uberPOOL ride with his crush. Because sometimes, it’s more than just a ride. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.”


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