Vicky Beeching is forced to choose between being gay and Christian


The lesbian Christian rock singer receives abuse from homophobic Christians who say that she cannot be a Jesus Christ follower and a lesbian at once. She tweeted that she had read comments about herself on a meme featuring her photo which reads: “You may be gay or You may be a Christian. But you cannot be a Gay Christian!” That is why Vicky takes a break from social media because she is crashed down with such a vile abuse. The meme, shared on Facebook, was also captioned with the words: “Your choice. Heaven or Hell.” Beeching tweeted: “Makes me so sad that the majority of vitriol & criticism I get comes from people *inside* the church. We need change – and fast.” And she is not planning any revolution to make Bible LGBT-inclusive. She just thinks that those who abuse other people (even ‘sinners’) don’t deserve being named Christians. She said: “It’s never fun to follow rabbit-trails across the internet and find threads full of hundreds of people discussing what they imagine you get up to behind closed doors; hypothesising about your sex life, or mocking you for the lack of a sex life (criticised either way); and using the most gross and vulgar terms. And saying your faith is a lie. And suggesting you’d be better of ‘taken out’ so you couldn’t influence anyone anymore to ‘live a life of sin’ by being LGBT. Social media can be brilliant but it can also dehumanise people. It all just got a bit too much for me this week. Especially thinking that 20,000 fellow Christians wanted to share such an offensive meme- they should see people like me as a sister in Christ, not someone ‘destined for hell’.” She adds: “Friendly fire is always the worst; feeling like your own community have turned their back on you, and simply because you want to love someone of the same gender. This kind of vitriol has poured into my various inboxes online, and into my PoBox, since 2014 when I came out, and although I mostly handle it pretty resiliently sometimes it does all get too much.”


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