The new companion of Doctor Who for the first time became an open lesbian


In the science fiction british television series “Doctor Who” the new companion of the main character for the first time became a lesbian.

Sexual orientation of Bill Potts was revealed in the second line in the series, which was released on BBC One on April 15. The actress Pearl Mackie, who plays the role of Bill, believes that there is nothing unusual.

“It’s important to remind people that there are gays among them, there are blacks, and that there are also aliens in the world – so keep your eyes open,” she said.

“I remember watching TV as a child and on the screen very rarely appeared people who looked like me – a girl of mixed blood, and therefore I believe that it’s important to recognize yourself on the screen,” added the actress. “Homosexuality is not the main feature of my character – it’s just part of her and she does not feel it’s necessary to hide it”.

Bisexuals and gays have appeared in this television series before, for example, Captain Jack and River Song, recalls the BBC.


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