British band Hurts stood against anti-LGBT violence in the new video


The electro-pop duo known for such superrhits as Stay, Wonderful life, Blind, Somebody to die for, Some kind of heaven, Wings etc. has recently introduced the new song Beautiful Ones and the video for it. The video is focused on the problem of violence against LGBT people. The band’s vocalist of the band, Theo Hutchcraft, is portrayed as a victim of hate crime. The video is filmed backwards, and seeing Theo with a face covered with blood the watchers cannot immediately understand what has happened to him. But then it gets clear that he was beaten by a group of people who undressed him taking a wig and female clothes he had been wearing. At the end of the video (and the beginning of the whole story) 30-year-old singer is shown attending a drag party rejecting an advance from his future attacker. The text of the song celebrates individuality in spite of stereotypes, beauty in spite of violence and love in spite of hate. The video showed this idea well, although for some fans it was rather unexpected and provocative. But fans thanked Theo Hutchcraft and his bandmate Adam Anderson for such a strong massage against hate and violence and admit that Theo looks gorgeous in drag.


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