Caitlyn Jenner thought about suicide before she came out as trans


Caitlyn Jenner has always been a public person, and realizing of her transgender status, which is rather subtile and emotionally difficult even for those people who don’t receive public attention, was million times harder for Jenner, targeted by press. She even thought about killing herself. But then she understood that being a public person belonging to the minority is a gift. yes, it is hard to be transgender. But if she speaks about it openly, those who are not trans will start to notice such people around them and instead of judging they will understand how hard it may before them to survive in our society. And trans people will be inspired by Caitlyn who overcame all these struggling and became happy, successful and beautiful. She also added that the only person who would have suffered from her transition mare than she did would be her dad William if he was alive. And not because he would not accept the fact that the person he used to know as his son was actually a daughter. Just because when your child suffers it is much more painful than when you suffer, and Jenner realized it completely only when she became a parent herself.


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