Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma gay painting caused scandals


A protest painting depicting Nelson Mandela sexually assaulted by the current South African President caused the outrage. The picture, called Economy of Rape, was created by Ayanda Mabulu, an artists who reached fame by the erotic caricatures of South African politicians. “My work is about the people. It is about the language of the streets. It is about the language that we speak in our homes…a language that says: ‘This motherf***** is f***ing us around. This work is not supposed to be hung on a wall. It must reside in the minds of the people, and that is what I am working towards. It is about conscientising and making sure that the people understand their worth and their position. It is about making them understand that they can decide their own future,” the artist says in defense of his art. It is not the first attack on Zuma, previously Mabullu depicted him raping a woman representing South Africa.


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