Employers discriminate against candidates with “gay voices”


The study showed that men and women, whose voice sounds like “gay” (or, accordingly, “lesbian”) have problems with the device for high-paying positions and socialization among heterosexuals.

The researchers at the University of Surrey asked 40 heterosexual men to assess the suitability of candidates for the proposed position of CEO of the company and their possible salary for photography and recording voice, reports Daily Mail.

Sexual orientation of candidates was not reported. Nevertheless, most participants said that male candidates with “gay” voices are inferior to high positions and should receive less than candidates with “heterosexual” voices.

Also, respondents estimated the suitability of women with rude voices, saying that they “lack femininity”.

“These results show that only one voice is enough to have a stereotype in the listener’s head and to deny the alleged gay or lesbian in qualities that are usually associated with gender,” said Dr. Fabio Fasoli, lead author of the study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior magazine, “This proves that despite all efforts to combat discrimination against the LGBT community, people subconsciously immediately hang a label on a person they don’t know about yet. Our study showed that this could become a serious problem at work and affect the career of a person”.

“Discrimination, whether conscious or not, is still present in our society, and we need to do more to protect the LGBT community,” said Fassoli.

In 2015, was released the documentary “Do I Sound Gay?”, dedicated to the gender-non-conformable manner of talking. Many consider this a sign of a non-standard sexual orientation – but the authors of the film came to the conclusion that this is a myth. Very often gays can’t be distinguished by their voices from heterosexuals, and vice versa – it happens that heterosexuals speak in a gender-non-conformal manner.


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