Every 25 hours in Brazil the murder is committed on the basis of homophobia


In Brazil, the number of crimes against LGBT citizens has sharply increased. According to statistics, every 25 hours in the country homicide is committed on the basis of homophobic hatred.

The Brazilian gay groups recorded 343 murders in the last 12 months related to manifestations of homophobia, transphobia and bifobia. The victims were 173 gay men, 144 transgender, 10 lesbians and 4 bisexuals.

12 victims were heterosexual. Some of them supported the LGBT community or were friends with LGBT people. For example, Luis Carlos Rosas was killed at a subway station in Sao Paulo after defended LGBT.

Gay activists consider these alarming figures only the tip of the iceberg. There are no official statistics of such crimes. The data of gay activists are understated, because they are collected on the basis of publications in the media and personal information, including through interviews with representatives of the LGBT community.

The future looks grim. During the first 22 days of 2017, were killed 23 LGBT people. And these are only those whose deaths are known to gay activists, writes GSN with reference to Homofobiamata.Wordpress.Com.

Earlier it was reported that in Brazil the mother stabbed and burned her 17-year-old son, because he was gay.


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