Psychologist Michal Kosinski: “New technologies allow you to determine the sexual orientation in photos with an accuracy of more than 90%”


One of the world’s leading experts in psychometry, Michal Kosinski, in an interview with Colta, spoke about the new opportunities provided by science that studies the theory and methodology of psychological measurements.

For many years, the essence of psychometry was that scientists analyzed the personality traits of a person using various questionnaires and tests. But, as the psychologist Kosinski points out, now there is no need for this, as one can say a lot about a man, based on his behavior on the Internet.

“Perhaps in the future you will not be able to hide even your most personal traits,” the scientist says. “Today you can tell me what your political views, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and you can’t say this. But in the future you may not have such a choice. Algorithms see you through. Today we are already able to take a photo of any person and with an accuracy of more than 90% determine what his sexual orientation, without resorting to the analysis of additional data. Not talking about how much you can find out, when there is a Likes and Tweets. This will be able to make governments, companies and even ordinary people”.

Kosinski adds that the new technology poses a huge danger for people living in Islamic countries and under a totalitarian regime.

However, the psychologist sees a way to hold back new technologies.

“Instead of continuing to participate in the battle for privacy that we have already lost, we need to think about how to behave further,” Kosinsky says. “Let’s try to make society more open and tolerant. The educated voters are more difficult to manipulate, tolerant society will not threaten people with different views, sexual orientation or religion … We can’t protect ourselves if we don’t unite”.


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