Cross on the Gay Street. How did the people react?


Gay Street, Manhattan, is located in the heart of NYC’s LGBT district, just down the road from Christopher Street and the iconic landmark Stonewall Inn. Last week someone put a large wooden cross in the middle of the street padlocking it to the street lights to make it unremoveable. Though the motives of the cross-maker are unknown, many have taken it to be a protest against the street’s name and ethos. But the residents of Gay Street don’t take much lying down. Micah Latter, the citizen of NY, described the further events via her instagram,
writing: “Confused by the [moot] point this stranger was trying to make with a cross on Gay Street, my neighbors and I decided to turn the cross into a Love Cross. Strangers, family, friends, dogs, neighbors & random tourist all stopped to paint, drink champagne in the street and celebrate the cross that symbolizes love in the neighborhood.” The cross was swiftly repainted with a rainbow theme, decorated with pro-LGBT messages and positivist.


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