London’s Muslims and LGBT people unite to celebrate the Muslim Holy Week


Pride Events in London are to be held during the Ramadan – a week-long holiday in Islam. And the London officials, including the Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is Muslim, thought that it is a good sign, a good opportunity to celebrate the diversity and inclusiveness not only in sexuality, but in religion as well. The schedule of the events has already been announced. One of the new events is A Big Gay Iftaar, which Pride in London says will “bring together the Muslim and LGBT+ communities to open a fast together during Ramadan”. The event will be held in St Andrew’s Church, Southwark, on Saturday June 24. “It’s time to bring together the Muslim and LGBT+ communities to do something very important: open a fast together during Ramadan, otherwise known as ‘iftaar’. The intention is to get back to basics and talk to one another, learn about each others’ faiths, cultures and sexualities and spread some love that is so sorely needed in the world,” the announcement reads, “Dates and food will be provided at Maghrib (sunset) and it promises to be a thought provoking and community building evening. The event is open to everyone, regardless of background or sexuality. All proceeds will be donated to Pride in London and Imaan.”


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