New advert opens a question of friendship between a trans woman and a transphobic man


If you are trans and your friend is against trans people, could you still be friends? New advert of Heineken says ‘Definitely, yes’. Actually, it touches not only transgender issues – it speaks about friendship of people with opposite opinions concerning such issues are climate change or the right of women. Before they meet, trans woman Ayla Holdom tells the camera: “It’s absolutely critical that trans people have their own voice.”
In contrast, the man says: “You can’t, you know…you’re a man: be a man, or you’re a female: be a female.” The two meet, and are told to build chairs, then a bar, and then to get drinks out. Doing this they speak, the man told Ayla about his ups and downs and frustration, and she, in turn, tells him how lucky she is despite all the attacks and misunderstanding she had to go through. In front of each other, they have their opinions broadcast on a big screen. Her face falls as she watches him say: “Transgender – it is very odd. We’re not set up to understand or see things like that.” And he crosses his arms in shock as she says: “I am a daughter, a wife. I am transgender.”The pairs are then given the choice to either leave or sit down at the bar they’ve constructed together and talk through their differences over a couple of beers. In a heart-stopping moment, the man leaves – but then returns seconds later, remarking: “I’m only joking.” “You had me for a second then,” she tells him, laughing. He subsequently opens up to her, admitting: “I’ve been brought up in a way where everything is black and white, but life isn’t black and white.” And this is the key idea. People are different but this is not a reason for hate. Avoid making friends with people just because they differ from you is ridiculous – there are no totally similar people. And maybe we need to meet our opposites and to talk to them for a while just to stop seeing only one (or two) color in the palette of our world?


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