Prison gardener who urged gays to repent claims he is censored


A prison gardener who quit his job after being told to stop preaching homophobia to prisoners is still fighting with his former bosses in court. Barry Trayhorn was employed as a gardener at HMP Littlehey in Bedfordshire, but began helping with chapel services due to his training as a Pentecostal minister. During a chapel service in 2014, he claimed that the “sexually immoral” and “men who have sex with men” must abandon their sins to “inherit the kingdom of God”. After that he was banned from chapel services and told to come back to his direct duties, and preaching is not the gardener’s task. Although he continues insisting that there was nothing bad in spreading God’s word. His case was dismissed by the Employment Tribunal last year, but Trayhorn is this week appealing against the decision. Mr Trayhorn said: “I am pleased and thankful that I have an opportunity to challenge the Employment Tribunal’s ruling and I pray that the Judge who hears my case will understand the implications for many Christians, if the Tribunal’s decision stands. Prisoners need to hear God’s word just as much as anyone else. If people come to a Christian chapel service, we cannot hold back the gospel truth that God forgives those who repent. As I led the worship, I spoke about the wonder of God’s love and the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ to those who recognise their sin and repent. I said that I am the worst sinner I know. But the prison decided that wasn’t a politically correct message. The mere mention of homosexual behaviour in the Bible verses that I quoted provoked complaint. It is the Bible which is really on trial.” Christian anti-LGBT legal groups claimed they would continue supporting the gardener


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