Sportsman burst with tear coming out to his mommy on live TV


Ryan Santana, the baseball pro, decided to come out to his dearest person in front of two million eyes on live TV show This Is Life Live. “She’s the best,” he told the audience, before adding: “I tell my mum everything.” Lorraine, Ryan’s mother, was in her teens as she bore him. That is why there was no strictness from her – she has always been rather an older friend to him, than a parent-dictator. “I tell her everything about my life, everything that is going on – except for, you know. The one thing,” he said anxiously. Before he left Adelaide, Ryan decided to tell two of his teammates he’s gay, as a test run – but it went poorly. He told the camera beforehand that it was “crazy how hard it is for me for this conversation to happen,” but it was about to get even more difficult. His female friend informed the baseball players that they’re all going to have dinner on a “romantic rooftop” at sunset, and one of them – Shotty – reacted badly. “Oh my god, that’s so f***ing gay,” he said with a smile on his face. Ryan was shocked and upset and decided to tell everything to his best friend – mommy. With tears in his eyes, he told her: “I know you’re wondering why you are here right now. You mean the most to me in the world that’s why it’s so hard for me to tell you that…I’m gay.” And the mother was upset but not because of her son’s sexuality, she cried because he did not come out to her earlier and did not let her prevent all the struggling he would go through. She cried only because of the support she was unable to give when her son needed it. Ryan replied: “I was just worried about how you would take it. How accepting you would be.” Joining him in tearing up, she told her son: “I’m accepting or anything and everything with you boys. [Ryan is not the only son of Lorraine, he has a brother named John – GNE]”


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