Steps’ Claire Richards thought her bandmate was in love with her before he came out


The band Steps reunited for their 20th anniversary has released the brand-new supersuccessful album Tears on the Dancefloor, sharing their secrets of past and present times. Ian Watkins (aka ‘H’) remained in closet as the group gained popularity 20 years ago. And it caused different thoughts and suggestions in the minds of his colleagues. “I hadn’t told my family, and I was still kind of discovering who I was. It wasn’t a massive secret with the guys for a long time,” H spoke to PinkNews. Coming out to his bandmate Claire Richards was a stress for him and for her as well. When he said ‘I need to talk to you,’ Claire expected love confession. She loved (and still loves) Ian as a friend but it has never been love in passionate meaning of this word. She did not want to break his heart and say ‘no’ to him. So when instead of ‘I love you’ she heard ‘I’m gay’, the only thing she said was ‘Thank God!’. H joked: “Well I was quite butch back then!” “I was quite young and naive, I suppose, I genuinely didn’t know,” Claire, who also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, said.


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