This Seventh-Day Adventist church pastor comes out as bi and quits church


A former pastor for the Seventh-Day Adventist church has told her moving story about realizing her bisexuality and the decision to break all connections with her church. Alicia Johnstone filmed a coming out video which she shared with her friends via Facebook. In the video the pastor said that she had to leave the church because it opposes LGBT issues and would not accept a bisexual pastor. Johnstone, who grew up in a “very Adventist “ household still believes that there are good things about the church but she was forced to make a choice and now it is made. “I have come to a point of complete disagreement with the Adventist church on their teachings about LGBT people and I don’t know how to minister anymore without being honest about that. I am myself bisexual,” she said, “The hard part for me is that I was just so aware of the pain that the church causes to those people. I knew that shame of feeling inconvenient and like you weren’t a part and I couldn’t ignore the fact that our church is causing that to people,” she added.


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