Trans boy was chosen as a school prom king


Alan Belmont was the winner of North Central High School prom king, beating the other finalists to don the sash and crown. And it was a really historic moment for the whole school because he is the fist prom king identifying as transgender. The 17-year-old was a popular choice for prom king, he was at the event with his female sweetheart. The teen says that he competed not to rech popularity and did not expect to win, but he is very happy that his victory is a step to trans awareness. “It was honestly one of the most heartwarming feelings that I’ve ever felt,” Belmont said, “Just to feel an audience of my peers and an audience of believers in progression, to hear that my peers were on the same page that I was was incredible and to know that there were juniors I hadn’t met yet who voted for me was incredible.” He received a lot of hate but it was expected and he did not want to allow haters to let him down because if he did it would mean that hate won. “I’m very happy to be the first at my school. But it’s bittersweet in that I’m the first, and that’s incredible. But we haven’t gotten there yet,” he adds. “I think it’s going to pick up speed very quickly. I think that a lot of people agree that we should be created equally and treated.”


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