Britain helps gay Australians to marry despite the legal forbid


Same-sex weddings remain prohibited under Australian law, although the local LGBT activists don’t give up trying to win the right for equality. And they find a legal gap allowing them to marry in UK. By holding the ceremonies in the consulate, couples are able to have a genuine marriage ceremony with their loved ones while still in Australia. BBC filmed one of such ceremonies and the wedding official said: “As I’m sure you’re aware, this ceremony is taking place under UK law, and it’s the 30th same-sex marriage we have performed in Canberra.” Newlyweds Ben and Simon, featured in the video, told the BBC: “This is honoured by the Queen goddamit, “So who is more important to you? The Queen, or your bigotry?” While embassies abroad are technically considered British soil, the countries in question must also give permission for the weddings to take place. The largest number of these have been in Australia, where the same-sex marriage debate is a hot topic. Australia is still the only major English-speaking nation not to allow same-sex marriage anywhere in its borders.


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