Marine Le Pen’s father thinks the husband of murdered policeman should not mourn publicly


Marine Le Pen’s father – and the founder of her party – thinks that the husband of Xavier Jugele is exalting same-sex marriages as he cries over his husband’s death. Xavier Jugele, 37, was murdered on Thursday while on duty on Champs Elysees avenue, in an attack reportedly organized by ISIS. On Tuesday, Jugele’s husband Etienne Cardiles spoke to hundreds of mourners including presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron,and the current leader of the country Fransois Hollande. In an emotional, moving speech, Cardiles said his husband had lived “a life of joy and laughter, in which love and tolerance were your uncontested masters.
“You lived like a star, and leave like a star.” He added that he did not “feel hatred, Xavier, because it is not like you – because it does not correspond to anything that made your heart beat, nor why you entered the police force.” The National Front leader condemned such a speech via Youtube saying that “The long speech he made in some ways institutionalised homosexual marriage” and ‘exalting it publicly’ shocks him.


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