South Korea’s presidential hopeful opposes LGBT

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South Korea’s presidential front-runner claims he is against gays. Moon Jae-in, who is running as a liberal candidate in the May 9 election, shocked supporters with his statements during the live televised debate. The former human rights lawyer, who has recently been pegged back in the polls by centrist rival Ahn Cheol-soo, was asked whether he opposed homosexuality, Associated Press has reported. Being asked about his own opinion about homosexuality Moon revealed that he is against. Earlier this month, General Jang Jun-kyu, the army chief of staff, launched a “track-down process” to find and out suspected gay people in the military, according to the Military Human Rights Center for Korea. The campaign group said this included setting up fake profiles on dating apps to track down soldiers and expose them. The process is thought to have identified 50 soldiers, 20 of whom are now charged, because gays are not allowed to serve in the Korean army.


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