Federal court allowed a gay couple to sue Kim Davis


Gay couples who were refused marriage licences by the Kentucky clerk are now allowed to demand damages from her, federal court ruled. The federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday brought back a lawsuit seeking damages from Davis, known for her homophobic position. The court went against a lower court’s ruling that David Ermold and David Moore could not claim against Davis. Ermold and Moore had got a licence eventually, a three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit ruled the refusal from Davis is enough for a legal case against her. “The district court’s characterization of this case as simply contesting the ‘no marriage licenses’ policy is inaccurate because Ermold and Moore did not seek an injunction-they sought only damages,” wrote Circuit Judge Karen Nelson Moore. “The record does not support an argument that (their) damages claims are insubstantial or otherwise foreclosed.” Davis’ attorney claimed it is not a victory for claimants and they won’t give up


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