Scientists suggested that bottoming is biological


Scientists try to find out whether there is some connection between biology and a passive role in gay sex. The researchers of the University of Toronto Mississauga found out that men who prefer being penetrated are often younger brothers. Many of them also did not conform to gender stereotypes from a young age. Bottoms have more feminine features in comparison to tops. “Among gay men, variation in gender nonconformity appears to correspond with variation in anal sex role behaviour. Specifically, gay men with an insertive anal sex role (i.e., tops) scored higher on masculine personality traits compared to males with a receptive (i.e., bottom) anal sex role preference. Conversely, bottoms scored higher on feminine personality traits compared to tops,” the research stated. An author of the study explained: “These findings suggest that the developmental processes underlying handedness act in a nonlinear fashion to influence male same-sex sexual orientation and childhood gender nonconformity.”


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