USA detains Russian gay refugee


The openly gay asylum seeker Denis Davydov from Russia, suffering from HIV, was detained by the USA for over a month. He came to the USA in 2014, and despite overstaying on a tourist visa, had applied for political asylum within a 1-year deadline. ICE detention centre is currently detaining Mr. Davydov after his arrest for trying to enter Miami after the trip to Virgin Islands. He was taken to Krome Detention Center. It is believed that the fact that he is HIV-positive is the reason for his detention under new policies introduced by the Trump administration. According to Sergey Piskunov, Davydov has been given access to his HIV medications in the detention centre but has been denied access to a doctor. He was awaiting his asylum interview, had a valid employment authorization and A-number, and had no criminal record,” says Piskunov, who works with RUSA LGBT“, He’s a gay man and HIV-positive,” Piskunov adds. “Russia is not the best place for either of those and he’s a combination of both. This is one of the reasons we really want to get him out of there,” saying Davydov has “developed a fungal infection [possibly thrush] and has not been able to receive medication for it.” “They have money for war in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria,” Piskunov adds, “They have money for all these military expenses. But they don’t have money for the medical system. And they don’t care.” Immigration Equality has also called for Davydov to be given access to specialist medication for the fungal infection.


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