Lesbians who were sent to Dubai by a homophobic father are engaged


Spaniard Jimena Rico and Shaza Ismail overcame everything – death threatens, trespassing boarders, imprisonment. But the two remained together and that is why they decided never to get apart anymore and to create a family. The ladies share their story to send a massage of support to those who are also persecuted and abused in their own families for being LGBT.

As we reported, Shaza’s dad told her that her mom was dying and she flew to UAE where her mother lived. The mother was alright, but Shaza could not come back to London because her dad tore her documents. The pair was then arrested in northern Turkey and taken Istanbul, where Rico said the two women were charged with an offence “apparently to do with terrorism,” before signing papers they couldn’t read. Their treatment in the Istanbul prison was “unexpected, inhumane and horrible,” Rico said. While in prison, Rico contacted her family, who told Spanish police and got the ball rolling on releasing the women.


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