Caitlyn Jenner says she is ‘after’ Trump if he is against LGBT


Jenner, who moves in Republican direction in politics, previously claimed that she did not regret voting for Trump, but his anti-LGBT policy is disappointing her. Speaking at an event in San Francisco, as part of the Commonwealth Club of California’s Good Lit series, she said: “I’m coming after them [Republicans – GNE] I will do it publicly. If he messes with us I will come after him. If he does stuff like that I will call him the most anti-LGBTQ president we’ve had.” Jenner added that she had been a Republican for all time but political views are not defining her personality, and her trans status and belonging to LGBT community is. So, if Trump’s policy is against her community, she will use her voice to oppose it out loud, because LGBT people count on her oin it and she cannot let them down. “My loyalties are not with Republican Party; my loyalties are not with Donald Trump. My loyalties lie with my community. I’d rather try to convince the Republicans Party to do a better job when it comes to equality for all and equality for the LGBT community than to try to fight the Democrats on lowering taxes and less regulations,” Jenner said.


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