Marine Le Pen was hit with eggs at election campaign


The election in France comes closer and closer. This Sunday the Frenchmen are making a choice of their new leader and the far-right candidate from the National Front Marine Le Pen tried to use her last opportunity to convince people to support her. But it did not go as planned. The National Front (FN) party candidate had arrived at Dol-de-Bretagne, France, for a public appearance in the final days of the election. She was surrounded by bodyguards and TV cameras as she arrived, as well as many angry demonstrators. As madame Le Pen talked with a man in the crowd, someone pelted her and her entourage with eggs and she had to run inside as quickly as she could to avoid further ‘bombing’. It comes a day after Le Pen and her main rival went head-to-head in a live presidential debate, which saw heated clashes over the economy, immigration and education in front of 20 million viewers.


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