Scientists could cure a living creature from HIV


Scientists tested the new method of HIV treatment on mice and it worked. Researchers have completely eliminated the virus from the tissue of a group of mice. The tissue had been transplanted with human cells that were infected with HIV. HIV usually attacks cells with some disease to open them for other infections.
But now medics at Lewis Katz School of Medicine, part of Temple University, have found a way to ‘cut away’ the virus from body cells. The researchers claim this is a world first, saying: “To our knowledge, this study is the first to demonstrate the effective excision of HIV-1 proviral DNA from the host genome in pre-clinical animal models [using this method].” Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Wenhui Hu, of Temple University, said the new study built on earlier research but was “more comprehensive”. “We confirmed the data from our previous work and have improved the efficiency of our gene-editing strategy,” Dr Hu saidб “We also show that the strategy is effective in two additional mouse models, one representing acute infection in mouse cells and the other representing chronic, or latent, infection in human cells.”


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