UK voters don’t want their country to take part in Eurovision


The research, carried out by OnePoll, was commissioned by betting company Ladbrokes ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, starting next week in Kyiv. UK is represented by Lucie Jones and her song ‘I will never give up on you’, which is rather symbolic for the country during the Brexit period. Eurovision is not directly connected to the EU, actually most countries taking part in it are not the EU members, including Ukraine which hosts the event in 2017. But still, most British people say they do not want their country to compete in Euroision furthermore.

The OnePoll research found that 53.6 percent of Brits want the UK to withdraw from the contest, while 46.4 percent want to remain. The results of the poll are strikingly similar to the result of last year’s EU referendum, when 51.89 percent of voters favoured Leave, compared to 48.11 for Remain. Of those who want a Brexit from Eurovision, 63 percent say the contest is a “big waste of money” – while 26 percent say it’s a “national embarrassment”. Leave supporters also cited the UK’s run of poor finishes in Eurovision over the past decade, with the UK cracking the top 10 just once in the past 15 years. Two-thirds of respondents believe the UK will never win Eurovision again, while 52 percent of older voters believe the UK will get fewer voters because of Brexit.


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