Reality star Zeke Smith says his coming out was a terror


Zeke Smith, who was forcefully outed as trans in front of his co-contestants of ‘Survivor’ and all the watchers. In a column for The Hollywood Reporter, Smith said that as he sat waiting for the episode which would change his life forever to air, he expected nothing good. “Snickering, genital speculation, sensationalistic ‘before and after’ photos – this is the treatment typically meted out to trans people in the public eye,” he said.
The two-time Survivor contestant said he had decided before entering his first series, Millennials v Gen-X, that he would “incur an obligation to my community to speak responsibly and authentically” if it is revealed that he is trans. He admitted that in the last moments before the show aired, he briefly regretted everything but his family and friends understood his feelings and nursed him as a little kid to let him know that he is loved and he is not alone. The public was also unexpectedly supportive, as Zeke said, he saw rainbow flags instead of pitchfork. Looking to the future, Smith said he couldn’t help but feel positive. I am optimistic that this moment – both the example set by Survivor and “The Episode’s” response – will serve as a model for how trans people will be treated by the media in the future. To the trans person who enters the spotlight next, I hope you get it as good as I did. To the person after, I hope you are met with utter indifference.”


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