Emma Watson wins gender-neutral MTV Awards prize


This is the first time as MTV Awards launches gender-neutral categories and one can be proclaimed the best actor regardless of gender. Male, female and non-binary actors competed together and here comes the winner – Beauty and the Beast star (butt for some fans she will always remain Hermione of Harry Potter saga)
Emma Watson.

She picked up the gong last night from non-binary Billions actor Asia Kate Dillon at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. In her speech Watson said that gender-neutral categories of MTV Awards could make people look at acting from a different side, and to her acting is an ability to use your imagination in full to become another person for a while, which does not depend on gender so that there is no need in dividing actors into two categories by gender. “Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits. This is very meaningful to me, both to be winning the award and to be receiving it from you in such an inclusive, patient and loving way,” the movie star concluded. Nice words. Our warmest congrats, Emma!


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