Milo Yiannopoulos cannot find a publisher for his book

FILE - In this Jan. 25, 2017 file photo, Milo Yiannopoulos speaks on campus in the Mathematics building at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. Sales are soaring for, "Dangerous," the upcoming book by the right-wing commentator. The book, scheduled to come out March 14. was in the top 10 on Amazon as of Thursday afternoon, a day after violent protests led the University of California, Berkeley to cancel his scheduled talk. (Jeremy Papasso/Daily Camera via AP, File)

The far-right Internet troll cannot find anyone to publish his book after being accused of child abuse. He started a legal battle with his former publisher. Yiannopoulos, a former columnist and semi-professional internet troll was hastily ditched as an alt-right figurehead earlier this year after damaging tapes emerged in which he discussed those who have intimate relationships with juveniles. In just 24 hours the columnist was dropped from far-right news website Breitbart News and the publishing house Simon & Schuster refused to publish his book ‘Dangerous’. And Milo is unable to find another publisher as fast as he wants his book to be released. Lashing out at Simon & Schuster, Yiannopoulos said: “I am going to take not just all of their best authors but all of the best Authors of all of the conservative imprints in this country and launch my own imprint called Dangerous Books. We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of.” He added: “I’m suing Simon and Schuster for $10m to send a message that conservatives and libertarians will not take it lying down any more. (Unless they want to!) I am going to blow a hole in the publishing industry forever. Simon & Schuster. I am going to spend the next year making the name Simon & Schuster synonymous with censorship. I am going to spend the next year giving out as many free ‘F**k Simon & Schuster’ shirts as I can. We’re suing them… I am suing Simon & Schuster for $10 million dollars.”


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