Wedding bells ring: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black finally tied the knot!


Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black married on Saturday in Bovey Castle. Daley recited lines from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet before exchanging vows with his groom and they finally become husbands. A string quartet played during the ceremony and the afterwords celebrations. The intimate group of just 50 family and friends enjoyed a three course mean, a “massive cake” and slept in the castle after the evening wound down. The British Olympian diver came out as gay in 2013 and he had already been dating to the Oscar-winning director-screenwriter (with whom he got engaged in 2015). Not everything went so well, they decided to have a break in relationships during which Tom flirted online with other guys. But then he understood that Lance is The One and that they cannot live without each other. Lance believed in it too and they reunited to be together forever – romantic proposal and a fairytale wedding is the best final for this love story.Some say that they did it too fast and marriage duties could put them under pressure. But really, sharing every single day with the one you love is not a pressure, it’s happiness. People have wings, but each person has only one wing, marriage is when two people get together to spread their wings and finally fly! Fly high and never fall, Mr. and Mr. Daley-Black, our congratulations!


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