Anti-gay group claims LGBT campaigners bullied them


The director of an Australian Christian group demanding a ‘gay panic defense’ to remain in the country, said that LGBT rights activists bullied them at the demonstrative event. Lyle Shelton, the boss at the Australian Christian Lobby, said that “bullying tactics” were used by members of the LGBT community at a seminar against the Safe Schools program. The Safe Schools program, which was commissioned up by the former Labor government, launched in 2014 and teaches about LGBT issues in schools in a bid to battle bullying. Shelton, in turn , says that the Christian Lobby members were those who suffered from bullying that day because, as she says, people with rainbow flags banned them from attending the event. Shelton also claims that despite 100 people being able to get into the seminar, a further 70 weren’t able to get in because of the protesters. John Whitehall spoke at the event. The University of Western Sydney professor has in the past referred to gender dysphoria as a “fad”. On Twitter, one supporter claimed that the protesters had “blockaded” the event.


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