Credit Suisse to expand in North Carolina as HB2 is partially repealed

A Swiss flag flies over a sign of Swiss bank Credit Suisse on May 8, 2014 in Bern. A senior US official told AFP on May 5, 2014 that the probe of Credit Suisse's past practice of helping its wealthy US clients evade taxes by sheltering their funds abroad was almost complete and that criminal charges could be brought within "a few weeks.". AFP PHOTO / FABRICE COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Banking giant Credit Suisse has announced that it is going ahead with a 1,200 job expansion in NC as the anti-trans bathroom bill was partially repealed there. Credit Suisse, which launched an LGBT Index back in 2013, froze the expansion in North Carolina and promised not to go ahead with it as HB2 was in action. “We opposed that law. During the period that HB2 was on the books, we had to put our plans on hold. We did not think that expansion could be done in a way that was consistent with our core values,” Credit Suisse Vice Chairman Wilson Ervin told the Associated Press.Deutsche Bank and PayPal had also cancelled plans for expansion in North Carolina over the controversial law forcing trans people to use bathroom facilities vunmatched with their actual gender identity.


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