Gay journalist Owen Jones demolishes ex-Tory politician who wants to scrap same-sex marriages


Owen Jones demolished the leader of a fringe political party that wants to forbid same-sex couples to marry. during a debate on the BBC’s Daily Politics. Sidney Cordle, a former Tory councillor who was awarded an MBE for political service, is currently the leader of the anti-LGBT Christian Peoples Alliance, pledging to “repeal all laws which have already attempted to redefine the meaning of marriage”, claiming that gay couples should simply be treated as “next of kin” like unmarried siblings. Cordle denied being homophobic as said: “We’re not against the people, we stand for the principles. As far as homosexuality is concerned, we believe we should protect marriage as between a man and a woman, because it’s there for children. As far as we’re concerned it’s about protecting children. That’s our priority.” Gay columnist Jones challenged him saying: “One of the many things that makes me proud to be British is that LGBT people who have fought against oppression and persecution for many years, who were persecuted because of people like yourself, have driven your bigotry back. You hate us for the rights that we have, rights which as British citizens other people take for granted. We love people, just as straight people do. We want the same rights. We’re not asking for special treatment.” To Jones defining marriage as a unity to have children is wrong because many opposite-sex married couples also live childfree. Rebutting anti-Muslim comments made by Cordle, Mr Jones continued: “There are millions of Muslims like the Mayor of London [Sadiq Khan] who have fought for the rights of LGBT people against the bigotry you represent, who believe in a secular democracy with equal rights for all. You are a threat to this great democracy.”


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