Gay man was verbally abused and forcefully outed after seeking help in Russia


The man reportedly called FROG, a St Petersburg-based Russian hotline, looked for support by phone. But instead of support he was insulted. As he said he was gay he received a respond that it was not a line for f*ggots. The man complained via social media to FROG’s director Alexander Bronshtein, but the manager repeated the offensive word and said there was nothing rude in it. Bronshtein shared the man’s images on Vkontakte, a major social networking service, outing the man and adding that homosexuality could be cured. LGBT rights activist and founder of Children-4o4 Lena Klimova commented: “Confidence is so needed on phone helplines, it is for people who are in a crisis situation. What this counsellor did was not just grossly unethical, but he could endanger the life of a man who came for help.” “We really don’t treat people for faggotry and this caller was informed of that, and wished all the best. Except you [Lena Klimova] erased his information for some reason, and left mine,” Bronshtein said. “If you’re taking screenshots, then do a full screenshot. You don’t need to hide your friend’s name.”


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