George Michael’s ex Kenny Goss says they were in open relationships and frequently talked about sex

Tokyo, JAPAN: British pop star George Michael (L) smiles with his partner Kenny Goss at a reception after the Japan premiere of his autobiographical movie "George Michael, A Different Story" at a restaurant in Tokyo, 15 December 2005. George Michael said he will attend next week's wedding of fellow gay pop icon Elton John and will probably tie the knot himself in June under Britain's new civil partnership law. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

George Michael’s former boyfriend has revealed that as they were together it was a norm for them to have sex not only with each other. Neither considered it a betrayal and they could talk about sex with no fear. In 2006 the Wham! star was caught cavorting in bushes with a portly van driver – but his boyfriend says the incident wasn’t a problem. The two were together for 15 years and their relationships were based on respecting each other’s freedom, Goss says. “It was an open relationship. That is quite usual with gay couples. It was on both sides. But I don’t think I was as open as George.” Sex stories George told Kenny were full of colorful explicit details. “George was honest with me, sometimes too honest. I would be like, ‘Enough, I know enough’. He would say, ‘I am going out to Hampstead Heath’. It was an open relationship but sometimes I really didn’t understand the issues with danger. I worried about him as the relationship went on and we were together longer. You worry about the people that you love and I loved George,” Goss said


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