Orange Is The New Black season 5 trailer hints on revolution


Orange is the New Black has released a fresh season five trailer hinting on the revolutionary events in Litchfield. The last season of the hit Netflix show about female prison with numerous LGBT stars involved ended with the unexpected death of one of the characters. Poussey Washington dies and it causes a riot. The previous trailer recapped the last, incredibly tense minute of that season, which saw inmates gathered around one of the inmates Dayanara, who is pregnant and prison officer Humphrey, with many urging her to shoot. This trailer skirts around who pulled the trigger and whether anyone was hit, focusing instead on a radical shift at Litchfield. Prisoners are tired of seeing their friend dying and gather to fight against violent treatment to them. Maria Ruiz tells the rioters: “If we wanna turn this place right, we have to speak as one united group. Who’s in?”
Emphasising the power of fighting as one, Gloria says: “The only way out is for us to come together.” And Black Cindy, who is not excited about the cross-group working, “There’s more strength in a single, unified message.” Joining in the theme is Taystee, Poussey’s best friend, who tells prison chief Joe Caputo: “We’re all angry. You done our girl wrong, Mr Caputo. And we want justice.” She tells her fellow inmates: “We get beat for no reason. We stuffed four in a bunk like we factory chickens – we’re denied basic humanity.” And in a different scene, she says: “This is my home, and I’m gonna fight for it. Prison turns into battlefield and we don’t know what to wait for. But it will be 100% interesting to watch.


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