Tennessee lesbians open up about a legal battle with the state


4 lesbian couples expecting children after the procedure of artificial insemination open up about tackling their state’s anti-LGBT law in court. The law requires other statutes in the state to be interpreted by their “natural and ordinary meaning”. The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Nashville by attorney Julie Tate-Keith, who is representing Charitey and Heather Mackenzie, Crystal Dawn and Terra Mears, Elizabeth and Heather Broadaway, and Kathrine and Emilie Guthrie. The attorney spoke on behalf of her clients who are all going to be mothers in autumn. “The Supreme Court said that gay people could get married. If that’s to be meaningful, then same-sex couples have to be treated the same way that opposite-sex couples are, and that means parentage just like anyone else,” she told NBC News, “If this isn’t about gay people, why are we talking about gay people? Regardless of the actions of the Tennessee General Assembly, the right to be recognised as the parent of a child of one’s marriage is a right which deserves Constitutional protection.” The bill founders denied that it opposed the basic rights of same-sex couples or transgender people.


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