Justin Bieber’s songwriter tells BMI Awards that songs should be LGBT-inclusive


Gay songwriter Justin Tranter called out music industry to make songs more diversive. Tranter is the the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons and a songwriter who has written for Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber. He was named Songwriter Of The Year at this week’s BMI Awards among top songwriters.The songwriter was not supposed to give a speech, but used the opportunity to speak out. “I’m gonna shut up real quick, I promise; I know we’re not supposed to talk… but I’m an activist, so I cannot be near a microphone without doing some sort of activism. To everyone in this room: This [award] is in my hand. Barry Manilow got the Icon Award. Put more LGBTQ people in your sessions, please! He added: “Also, [my writing partner] Julia Michaels is a Latina. Put more women and put more women of color in your sessions and do it now!”


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