Officials say that Chechen gay purge is a lie to discredit Russia


The spokesman from Russian Embassy denied that sexual minorities in Chechnya are chased and killed. Dmitry Alushkin, a senior figure at Russia’s embassy in Israel, said that spreading such rumors is a part of the worldwide propaganda against Russia. Alushkin wrote that there were “no victims of persecution, threats or violence” in Chechnya. He added that articles published in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper and elsewhere constituted an “excuse for the beginning of a propaganda campaign against Russia around the world”. Alushkin said a Russian investigation had discovered the revelations emerged after “local governments … rejected requests from representatives of the LGBT community to hold rallies.” He ‘confirmed’ his point of view saying that neither human rights officials nor the Chechen President received complains. “We would like to note that the Russian system of government is of a democratic nature and we are calling to rely on objective and reliable data – and not on rumours and speculation – to analyse the political developments in our country,” Alushkin finished.


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