Police force replaces helmets with caps in solidarity with trans people


A police force in the UK has replaced its helmets with caps inviting more transgender officers to serve in police. The change was made by Northamptonshire Police, and aims to do away with trans officers forced to choose between gender-divided helmets. Traditional custodian helmets were previously given to male officers with bowler helmets for women. A spokesperson said: “The decision to adopt new headgear is just the latest in a succession of key improvements to police uniforms and personal protective equipment which have been implemented over the past two decades. Having to choose gender-based headgear is a barrier to the non-binary transgender community joining the police service. By introducing this new hat we provide a single protective hat to all police officers, Special Constables and PCSOs for general duties.” Chief Constable Simon Edens said: “This is a very significant change for the Force and I welcome it wholeheartedly. Our officers and PCSOs are well equipped for 21st Century policing but now the introduction of this new headgear will better protect them as they protect people from harm.”


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