Democratic National Committee appoints a lesbian chief executive

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Jessica O’Connell, a long-time activist for LGBT rights, has predicted “a wave of Democratic wins” is aiming to protect sexual minorities under Trump. O’Connell has joined the Democrats to completely reform the party after losing Presidency, House and the Senate. She served as Hillary Clinton’s National Director of Operations during her presidential campaign, which ended with the Democratic candidate winning three million more votes than Donald Trump. “Every single day we are witnessing unprecedented activism and excitement across our nation,” O’Connell said in a statementб “I am thrilled to join the fight at the national party to make sure we translate this moment into a movement, and a movement into votes.” She added that she hopes that the DEmocrats will create a strong opposition to the Republican leaders. “The DNC has incredible potential and, under the leadership of Chair Perez, I’m ready to jump in and help make this organisation more inclusive, effective, and influential,” she said. “We are poised to build a foundation for a new Democratic Party in every state to jump-start a wave of Democratic wins from school board to Senate nationwide.”


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